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The Bicycles of Copenhagen

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Inspirations from around the world

Our team is always looking for new ideas from the most interesting places around the world in an effort to bring the best innovations to our projects. Scandinavian cities constantly show the highest indicators of population satisfaction and health. They are a great source of inspiration for us. In the second part of the series #CopenhagenInspiresUs, we take a look at Copenhagen and its approach to bicycles.

Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash
Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash

Cycling is a special thing in Copenhagen. It is not just a way of transportation, but an overall lifestyle. More than 62% of Copenhagen residents use a bicycle as their daily means of transport. Together, an incredible 1.2 million kilometers are cycled there every day. Traveling to work, school or anywhere else. Thanks to the city’s active efforts to improve the cycling infrastructure, this number is increasing every year. And that’s more important than it seems.

Cycling towards a better city

Becoming the best city for cycling means more than just accessible transport for Copenhagen. It is also a major tool in their quest to create a better city for people. A positive approach to cycling is even part of the city’s official health policy. The city where cars are exchanged for bicycles offers more free space, less noise and healthier air. In addition, investing in cycling speeds up the commute in the city and even helps the local economy.

By building cycle paths, bicycle stands and improving the overall cycling infrastructure, the city is, among other things, striving to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral city by 2025*. Copenhagen was thus not afraid to build 17 new bicycle bridges in order to facilitate greater urban mobility and increase the popularity of bicycles. With its approach to bicycles, the city motivates residents to use bicycles for transport, reduce emissions and improve the environment.


*Carbon neutrality means balancing the CO2 emissions and their removal through natural or man-made systems

You can see cyclists in Copenhagen in any weather – all year round. Whether it is raining or snowing, it is often the fastest mode of transport and the residents would not give it up even if they get soaked. Extremely strong winds blow in Copenhagen, even in the summer months, but you won’t notice a reduced number of bicycles in the city. Whether it’s doctors, lawyers in suits or city officials – everyone cycles. From students to the directors of the largest companies and mayors.

Visualization of Guthaus
Visualization of Guthaus

Can Bratislava be like than Copenhagen?

Copenhagen inspires us to support cycling infrastructure and build cities for people in Slovakia as well. In addition to underground parking, each of our projects also offers indoor and outdoor bicycle parking. This allows us to support sustainable transport and also maximize the area of ​​outdoor green spaces and create pleasant places to relax. In the immediate vicinity of the Guthaus project, we are also building cycle routes that will connect to the city ones. We are therefore giving people the opportunity to choose the mode of transport that suits them best and allows them to live healthier and happier lives.

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