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Our history

We have been building in Slovakia since 2010. Despite our humble beginnings as a small company, we have been one of the most modern and progressive developers in Slovakia.

We have established ourselves on the market, particularly by always offering our customers a healthier alternative and higher housing standards.

From day one, we have tasked ourselves with making each new project a step better than the last. From smaller projects in our early days, we gradually grew and moved towards larger and more ambitious developments in cooperation with the biggest names in world’s architecture and urbanism. Throughout the years, we have successfully revitalized multiple brownfields in Bratislava, converting them into vibrant urban neighbourhoods.

We solidified our position as leaders in ecological development by obtaining a certification for constructing the most environmentally friendly building in Slovakia and Slovenia, where we operate since 2018.. In 2022, we have also opened our office in Prague, Czechia.

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Home Corwin stories Welcome to Park Guthaus

Welcome to Park Guthaus

Igor Bubeník
Igor Bubeník
Communications Manager

Creating new, vibrant and green public spaces is our passion. And we always want to make the next one even better than the one before. That is why, when we acquired the Guthaus project we immediately knew we have to make it better. Reduce the built-up area, add greenery, build playgrounds, create rain gardens and top it all off with green roofs. To help us, we even called in a world-class landscaping architecture studio – ManMadeLand. What do you think of the result?

Green Public Spaces and Vegetation Roofs at Guthaus

The green roofs of Guthaus are planted on multiple levels – from the ground level roofs above the parking garage, through smaller roofs on gazebos, all the way to the extensive and intensive roofs crowning the main building. However, they are not just for show. The green roofs of Guthaus serve an important function – rainwater retention. They catch whatever water falls upon the property and utilize it as irrigation. Whatever is leftover will flow through an intricate system of furrows and ducts into the massive rain garden in the park. There, it will soak into the ground and return to the natural cycle. Not even a drop will flow into the sewage system.


The park itself contains tens of thousands of flowers, plants and bushes, a rain garden, workout facilities, playgrounds, trampolines, a revitalised WW1 bunker and 183 trees. And they are no ordinary trees either. Because of the worsening climate conditions, the greenery in cities suffers a heavy toll. Our “climate-resistant trees” can not only survive extreme climate conditions like heat waves and late frost, they can also fight them. Together with the green roofs, they help break the city heat island effect and cool the city, which can be even 10°C warmer than the surrounding country.

Vegetation on the Green Roofs of Guthaus

Revitalising a long-abandoned brownfield is always a challenge. However, it is a challenge we love to take on. Because thanks to all the hard work and despite all the hardships, the beautiful new public spaces around Guthaus are built and ready for their new visitors. And we just can’t wait to open them up for you!

Public space creation at Guthaus

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