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How to make a city more walkable?

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A City for the People

Walkability describes how friendly a city is to pedestrians. Walkable cities represent an environment that is beneficial for people’s physical and mental health. An environment that strengthens the community and brings inspiration and joy into our daily lives. Creating walkable projects means designing everything around people and their needs. And that, is what we do at Corwin.

Live Healthy

A key to creating a healthy, walkable neighbourhood is the inclusion of nature. An abundance of greenery and well-maintained public spaces make being on foot a pleasant experience. It reduces the stress posed by the rush of city life and helps us relax.

Our projects take inspiration from walkable cities like Copenhagen, which is famous for its people-centred approach, rich cosmopolitan culture and one of the happiest populations on Earth. We cooperate with world-leading urban research and architecture firms like Gehl Architects, OFIS ArchitectsMan Made Land or AllesWirdGut in order to ensure that our projects maximize people’s wellbeing and comfort.

Connect With Your Neighbourhood

Creating walkable projects benefits the entire neighbourhood. Walking around town means a closer community, more investment into local businesses, and a better living environment for everyone.

We always try to bring added value to our projects. Creating beautiful public spaces, introducing new sustainable technologies, and designing energy-efficient buildings allows us to revitalize entire neighbourhoods.

Get Inspired

Walking the city means taking in the local architecture and way of life. The genius loci. It helps us get inspired by our surroundings. Historical buildings as well as new developments need to be attractive and enjoyable to look at.

Our projects are designed to make a contribution to their surroundings while respecting the environment they are situated in. Not only do we create a beautiful place, we also create a place where you can feel comfortable. A happy place – a Corwin place.

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