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Blumental Offices

Corwin’s new headquarters are part of this award-winning development which turned a run-down site into a living and breathing part of the city.


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Completed 2018


Bratislava - Staré Mesto
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Blumental Offices are part of an award winning housing development which turned a run down site of Bratislava’s suburb into a proper, full-fledged, living and breathing part of the city. Thanks to a sensible scale of the new structure respecting the contours of the old town, the project expands the boundaries of the city centre.

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The 5 and 12-storey buildings which gave shape to the newly created Matej Korvín Square provide more than 15,000 square metres of office space of the highest standard (LEED Gold certificate). It is also where the new Corwin headquarters is located.


On top of having an excellent access to all public amenities, Blumental provides its tenants and their employees with an unprecedented accessibility by transport. Being located at the Račianské Mýto junction, it is easily reachable by main routes from all directions - from the airport, bus and railway stations, as well as by almost 20 public transport lines.

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Office space

19 500 m²


Award-winning working environment

Einpark Offices

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