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What Should We Do About Biowaste? Einpark Brings the Answer

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When creating a project, we always try to introduce new green initiatives. Einpark Offices is among the top 1% of the most sustainable buildings in the world. Take a look at one of our new environmental initiatives at Einpark – The electric composter.


Organic waste treatment is often overlooked when it comes to reducing the environmental impact of commercial buildings. It’s a common practice to simply dispose of this waste into municipal landfills.Moreover, during its decomposition, greenhouse gases are subsequently created, which has a negative impact environment. At Corwin, we’ve decided to solve this problem right at its source. We collect biodegradable waste from our buildings directly on site and transform it into a useful product – compost.

Electric composter in Einpark
Electric composter in Einpark

The composter in Einpark  can process up to 50 tons of organic waste per year. Furthermore, it reduces its volume by up to 90% and creates a quality substrate that can be used directly on the premises. In addition, the system works fully automatically and does not produce any smelly or harmful gases.


Composting organic waste in commercial buildings is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint. It is an important step towards a more responsible and sustainable relationship with our environment. We believe that this approach will not be a rarity in the future and there will be more buildings with composters in Slovakia.

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