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Our Path to Slovenia

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While our beginnings were humble, over the span of 10 years, we have built an impressive team of experts and have been repeatedly recognized as one of Slovakia’s top leading, innovative real-estate developers. By 2016 we have seen enough success to start looking for new, perspective locations to visit. Many European cities were considered but in the end, we have chosen to move to a place that’s closest to our way of thinking.

I was impressed by the quality of public spaces and urban structure of Ljubljana. It really compliments Corwin’s sustainable, green architecture.

– Michal Maco, Country Manager Slovenia

Einpark, Bratislava
Einpark, Bratislava

Our path to Ljubljana truly began in 2016, during our cooperation with Slovenian architecture firm OFIS arhitekti on our project Einpark. As I lived in Ljubljana for a year, together with OFIS arhitekti we have shown that Corwin doesn’t have to look far to find quality.

While the Slovenian market is often overlooked by large investors, it is nevertheless one of the most promising locations in Europe. As we found out, it was also in need of new and ambitious projects. We believe that our know-how in urban development and affordable, quality living can benefit the Slovenian housing market and set a high bar for future development.

Blumental, Bratislava
Blumental, Bratislava

In Bratislava, our philosophy was to find neglected locations, work with the local community, and revitalize neighbourhoods. In Ljubljana, it would be no different.

With the help of local experts, we have found the site of an old, abandoned project ready for improvement. As luck would have it, it was for sale in the beautiful district of Šiška. Not only was this an opportunity to pursue our goal of urban regeneration, but it would also give us a chance to build in one of the most attractive locations in the city.

Kvartet, Ljubljana
Kvartet, Ljubljana


We have promptly joined the contest for this plot of land and got quickly selected as the best candidate for the project. By 2018 we had an office in Ljubljana and our team was working hard on creating a new and ambitious project.

Our first construction in Ljubljana should demonstrate what we can do for the city. That is why we have turned to OFIS to create a design that represents the location and utilizes the latest technologies. The priority was to provide a sustainable, elegant building that you can call home.

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