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Kvartet – City Living With a Touch of Nature

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Where Nature Meets Design

Kvartet combines dynamic city living with calming views of nature. Its four towers are designed to resemble the Alps it overlooks. Together with the abundance of green spaces and unique engineering, Kvartet creates a natural ecosystem within the city and provides an unparalleled quality of living.

Living Redefined

As with all our residential projects, the priority is to maximize our residents’ wellbeing. Our choice of the finest materials and sustainable technologies provides the highest standard of comfort in affordable living. Our buildings are not just a place, they are a living foundation for a thriving community. Whether you are a first time buyer, or a family looking for a place to settle down, in Kvartet, you will find a home.

A place to be

Kvartet is situated in the attractive Šiška district, right next to the most modern shopping mall in Slovenia, Aleja. Kvartet provides 580 bicycle parking spaces, all underground garages, as well as a nearby bicycle path and a bust stop. However, its convenient location, within a short distance of a wide range of public amenities, means that you can meet all your daily needs on foot.

The Project

Our projects are designed and built by an international team of leading experts. From engineers, through technicians, architects, managers, to a large number of external consultants, we provide a sensible, hands-on approach. We hold a strong, environmentally friendly stance and our projects are built with the utmost responsibility towards their surroundings. What we aim for is, first and foremost, bringing positive change to the real-estate market. Leading with a standard, we believe everyone should have.

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