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Guthaus – A Parquet Factory That Provides Free Parquets

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Guthaus is a unique residential project which brings a completely new dimension of housing to the contours of Bratislava. As it lies on the brownfield of a former parquet factory, each apartment comes equipped with high quality wooden parquets for free. Furthermore, the project revitalises neglected land and provides the surrounding district with much needed amenities and housing full of greenery. Housing with the highest standard in the city.

The project was formulated in collaboration with world-leading experts such as AllesWirdGut, raum & kommunikation, Transsolar KlimaEngineering, or ManMadeLand to perfectly combine urbanistic principles, the latest technologies and unique architecture. All of this is joined together by the CORWIN philosophy, which always puts people first.

Guthaus, Bratislava

Priceless scenery

Aluminium windows reaching from the floor to the ceiling ensure perfect views of the city and the greenery of The Little Carpathians. Moreover, the insulating triple glazed windows prevent heat loss and filter out the disturbing effects of urban commotion. To compliment the beautiful wooden floors, large-format tiles also come as standard to solidify the unique, personal look of the interior.

Heat regulation is provided by the ceiling cooling technology, which represents the healthiest cooling and heating system. In conjunction with the regenerative heat pumps, it is also environmentally friendly. What’s more, you will not be bothered by obstructive radiators or air conditioning units, so furnishing the apartment comes without compromises.

Guthaus Interior in Virtual Reality

Virtually in Guthaus

You can also explore what your future home might look like from the comfort of your own couch. The new virtual reality of the Guthaus project allows you to walk around a furnished or an empty apartment. So you can always be sure that you have made the right choice. See for yourself that Guthaus is really a place for you with our virtual reality or the intuitive Homeshop platform.

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