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ECOrwin – How Did the ‘CORWIN Office Goes Zero Waste’ Project Come About?

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As a developer, we strive to design and construct buildings to produce less waste, be more energy efficient, and reduce the overall environmental impact. However, it is not enough to apply these values ​​only on construction sites, it is also important that they come from within the company and thus, an internal Ecoteam was created.

Of course, we have realistic goals and we know that it is a long-term process. It doesn’t require immediate perfection but a common change of habits for the better. So how to start?

Step By Step

In order for us all to be able to introduce effective change, we called on the help of experts in the field to give us advice on the topic. The lectures opened up space for discussion and specific questions, such as where put the lid of one’s yogurt?


Since April last year, our shared kitchen has been enjoying new permanent residents who do not like light but do enjoy some biowaste.  For example, vegetable peels and coffee beans. They are earthworms that hide in vermicomposters. Thanks to them, we minimize organic waste and re-use it, for instance, for watering flowers in our offices.


Recycled paper

Although we try to digitize most processes, we do not completely avoid printing documents, so we have decided to replace the classic paper with recycled paper. Its production uses up to 80 percent less water.

Waste sorting

One of the biggest changes was the removal of waste bins from the offices. We have instead replaced them with sorting containers, which were placed in common areas.


Shared office tools

Do you still remember back in art class, when you didn’t want to lend your water colours or papers to anyone? As adults, we realize that moderation is an important step in being considerate to the planet. That’s why we chose to always share our sticky notes and scissors. 🙂

Replacing packaging

Big changes have also taken place in the kitchen. We buy coffee in large volumes to avoid small plastic packaging and store it in stainless steel containers. We switched to loose teas, which we have stored in glass containers. We also have glass bowls for colleagues who would go to take their lunch out with them. This way they don’t have to waste plastic packaging for food. We also have honey and cream in glass jars, so that we don’t unnecessarily accumulate small plastic containers from the food we use every day.

CORWIN merch

Do you also like generic plastic promotional items, oh so very much? We’ve tried to avoid this trend and opted instead to print our logo on objects that embody our respect for nature. An Equa bottle, a canvas bag or a beeswax food package that you can use repeatedly – those were the gifts that we gave to our partners or colleagues.


In Blumental we also have bicycles that can be borrowed by anyone in the office and use them for quick trip around the city, for example, to lunch or a meeting.


We were happy to see that many of our colleagues started sorting waste at home, or even bought a vermicomposter themselves. Do you also manage to be more considerate to the planet?

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