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Bees Enjoy Life at Einpark

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The honey bee is one of the most important animals on the planet. Our agriculture and forestry depends on it. We owe them our flowers and our food. We simply cannot imagine a life without bees. We are therefore very happy that Corwin became the home of two bee families this year. Together with the beekeeper Tomáš Blaškovič, we closely monitor their health condition and make sure that they have enough supplies for the winter. So far, they are doing well. 🙂

Beehives at Einpark
Beehives at Einpark

Bees from the city

Since July, our city bees have been inhabiting hives on the green roofs of Einpark. Although they may seem like a tad unconventional residents of Bratislava, urban beekeeping is now very common and increasingly popular. They have everything they need on our roofs. They avoid people and traffic and every day they work hard to pollinate flowers on our building and in the surrounding parks.

Bees on our roof
Bees on our roof

Prominent neighbors

Although bees are responsible for the health of our environment, their populations in the world are dwindling more each year. And because of their importance, we would definitely feel their absence on our own skin. Bee protection is also one of the main priorities of the Slovak Republic. At Corwin, we therefore greatly appreciate the contribution of Slovak beekeepers and are very grateful that they helped us give home to these city bees. If the bees thrive at the Einpark, next year we will expand our apiary with more hives and maybe even give you a taste of their honey. Keep your fingers crossed for them!

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