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Our history

We have been building in Slovakia since 2010. Despite our humble beginnings as a small company, we have been one of the most modern and progressive developers in Slovakia.

We have established ourselves on the market, particularly by always offering our customers a healthier alternative and higher housing standards.

From day one, we have tasked ourselves with making each new project a step better than the last. From smaller projects in our early days, we gradually grew and moved towards larger and more ambitious developments in cooperation with the biggest names in world’s architecture and urbanism. Throughout the years, we have successfully revitalized multiple brownfields in Bratislava, converting them into vibrant urban neighbourhoods.

We solidified our position as leaders in ecological development by obtaining a certification for constructing the most environmentally friendly building in Slovakia and Slovenia, where we operate since 2018.. In 2022, we have also opened our office in Prague, Czechia.

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Blumental Offices

A1 ReSpect
Completed 2018
Bratislava - Staré Mesto

Corwin’s new headquarters are part of this award-winning development which turned a run-down site into a living and breathing part of the city.


Blumental Offices are located within an award-winning development that transformed a neglected plot of a former tobacco factory into a vibrant and integrated part of the city. The complex includes a residential building, ground floor shops, and services that contribute to the creation of a lively and bustling urban community. By respecting the scale of the old town's contours, the project successfully extends the city centre's limits and creates an attractive destination for businesses and residents alike.


Blumental Offices, home to the new Corwin headquarters, is a 5 and 12-storey building complex that provides over 15,000 square meters of top-notch office space, certified with LEED Gold. The project's recently established Matej Korvin Square owes its form to the buildings, which protect the square from three sides while the fourth is open to the street, inviting visitors to the square. This unique design creates a vibrant, open space that is perfect for community events, social gatherings, and leisure activities, making it a highly desirable location for businesses and residents alike.


On top of having an excellent access to all public amenities, Blumental provides its tenants and their employees with an unprecedented accessibility. Being located at the Račianské Mýto junction, it is easily reachable by main routes from all directions - from the airport, bus and railway stations, as well as by almost 20 public transport lines.

In numbers:

Office space area

19 500 m2

Parking spaces




Certification & Awards:

LEED Platinum
CIJ Awards: Best Leading Green Development 2020
Building of the year 2020-21
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 0
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 1
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 2
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 3
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 4
Blumental Offices - Gallery picture 5
A1 ReSpect
Completed 2018
Bratislava - Staré Mesto

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