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Our history

We have been building in Slovakia since 2010. Despite our humble beginnings as a small company, we have been one of the most modern and progressive developers in Slovakia.

We have established ourselves on the market, particularly by always offering our customers a healthier alternative and higher housing standards.

From day one, we have tasked ourselves with making each new project a step better than the last. From smaller projects in our early days, we gradually grew and moved towards larger and more ambitious developments in cooperation with the biggest names in world’s architecture and urbanism. Throughout the years, we have successfully revitalized multiple brownfields in Bratislava, converting them into vibrant urban neighbourhoods.

We solidified our position as leaders in ecological development by obtaining a certification for constructing the most environmentally friendly building in Slovakia and Slovenia, where we operate since 2018.. In 2022, we have also opened our office in Prague, Czechia.

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Reviving the Neglected – Brownfields in our city

Filip Gulan
Filip Gulan
Development Manager

Urban renaissance

With any new city development, the most important thing should be the impact it will have on its surroundings. The goal should be to unite the city, not to expand it by force. The basis of responsible and beneficial urban construction is therefore the right choice of location. The best are brownfields – neglected areas of the city, mostly located on the land of former factories that have lost their purpose. These areas are what our projects focus on.

Blumental, Bratislava

More than one purpose

Compared to other European capitals, Bratislava is very sparsely populated. This has a number of unwelcome consequences such as increased demands on transport or the availability of services and civic amenities as well as economic problems, which are reflected in the management and operation of public services and maintenance of public spaces. Responsible revitalization of numerous urban brownfields thus leads to a kind of “acupuncture” of the city – the creation of new connections as well as the start of synergies that would not otherwise arise. And it is these effects that can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life.

Mateja Korvín Square, Blumental


The headquarters of our company is a great example of what a proper brownfield revitalization can look like. Only a few years ago, it was the run-down land of a former tobacco factory, and later the state-owned company Tesla. It lacked life and purpose.  Today, it is a modern vibrant complex full of life, which has elevated the quality of the whole area thanks to the careful incorporation of the needs of the local neighbourhood. Cafes, restaurants, shops and services in the passage are complemented by a new public space – Matej Korvín Square, which serves as a great place for meetings of old and new residents of this neighbourhood.

Revitalization of Kmeťovo Square

Park on Kmeťovo Square

At Corwin, we also care about our projects improving the quality of life in the city. In cooperation with the Old Town administration we have managed to also revitalize this piece of urban greenery, which will serve all the inhabitants of Bratislava. It is important that people in the city have enough green relaxation space where they can unwind from the hustle and bustle of urban life. We did what good neighbours should do and took the next step to create a city for people in the park on Kmeťovo Square.

Guthaus, Bratislava


When it comes technologies in new projects in Slovakia, green roofs, rain gardens and radiant ceiling cooling and heating are still an exception rather than a rule. However, at Corwin they have become the standard. Guthaus uses these and other advanced technologies and takes them to a new level. The neglected land of the former hardwood floor factory on Račianská is thus being significantly changed thanks to the Guthaus project. The location, in which the function of housing is currently absent, will be refined and bring future residents the healthiest housing in Bratislava. Together with bountiful vegetation, suitably complemented civic amenities, playgrounds, a public park and a great connection to the tram. Guthaus will transform a neglected brownfield into a place that gives people a healthier and happier life.

Kvartet, Ľubľana


Our first project in Ljubljana allows us to demonstrate Corwin’s philosophy abroad. Kvartet will not only become the largest residential complex in the city, but also provide the greenest environment, which will revive a neglected location and elevate the surrounding residential area.

Palma Today


Palma represents the biggest challenge in the gradual transformation of a closed industrial area into the local center of city district. The goal is to give a new future not only to Palma itself, but to uplift its surroundings. That’s why Corwin works closely with the Gehl Architects studio, which is one of the world’s leaders in creating public spaces and areas that are pleasant to live in. In addition to a great connection to the public transport system and a good mix of civic amenities, Palma should also offer new and vibrant green spaces. Ecological solutions combined with sustainable architecture and renewed elements of the industrial past. In our opinion, the Palma area has great potential in the future to bring diverse public spaces surrounded by quality architecture and unlimited creativity. It can become an exceptional place for work, leisure, for life. A place to be. Palma – cozy place.

At Corwin, we aim for responsible and rewarding development. We believe that construction should help the whole city and new projects should naturally connect and develop the whole area. Revitalizing neglected areas helps us fulfill this goal and bring life where it belongs. Stay with us and make sure that together we can change the city for the better through responsible development.

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