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Einpark Residences

The residential tower with the views to die for. The missing link connecting the most populated district with the city center.


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Bratislava - Petržalka
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Thanks to a carefully measured combination of housing, offices and public amenities, Einpark transformed this unused plot of land along Einsteinova Street. It helped to overcome a barrier, the result of perhaps missguided planning of the past, and to restore the connection of the most highly populated Bratislava district with the city center.

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The project consists of a 16-storey residential tower and a lower office building which forms a natural visual and noise barrier from the busy street. The occupants of the 110 flats can enjoy a standard of living which had mostly been the domain of the city center. The perception of luxury is further enhanced by exclusive views of the city's most famous landmarks.


The historical city center, Janko Kral park or Aupark shopping center. All this is within walking distance, thanks to a footbridge cleverly incorporated into the design of the building. Add to that a direct access to the main road network and EINPARK suddenly looks and feels like the ideal location for living.

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The life with the view


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